Cleaning & Restoration of E.I.F.S

It is vital to conduct a visual inspection, annually, of the building's exterior and clean it as needed. This routine maintenance can pay long-term dividends in performance - Many EIFS walls installed in the late 1960s, still are in service as of today.

EIFS manufacturers provide procedures for cleaning for specific systems, and The best way to clean EIFS is to use high water volume coupled with low water pressure and non-abrasive cleaners done by a skilled professional.

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EIFS Care and Maintenance

Weather conditions can often have adverse effects on EIFS - Exterior Insulation and Finishing System. All buildings need their exterior to be inspected periodically for damage and deterioration and cleaned to remove dirt, algae, or mildew that can accumulate on the surface.

The clean and recoat process combines a thorough pressure washing and surface finishing with a high-performance coating that helps on-resistance of accumulation of dirt, mold, and pollutants, preserving a building’s value while enhancing its appearance.

If you have experienced any damage to your EIFS wall, it's critical to get immediate action to eliminate potential long term damage. Cracking and another damage is repaired with a substrate-specific repair product. Often, an additional layer of basecoat with embedded mesh is used to restore the building's exterior to its original condition.

EIFIS Cleaning Repairing Services

Failure to inspect and fix damage to an EIFS wall could lead to moisture intrusion, which is an enemy for any wall. If problems are identified and remedied quickly, damage and costs can usually be prevented or limited. Complete inspection and testing are essential in identifying areas of potential and existing moisture intrusion. Bear in mind the following steps to protect your investment:

  • Periodically inspect all sealant around windows, doors, penetrations through the EIFS. Organize a maintenance schedule with an EIFS specialist.
  • A certified EIFS inspector should promptly investigate any leaks, cracks, areas of discoloration, mold, or mildew.
  • Call a qualified EIFS inspector when there are any modifications, additions, or renovations undergoing.
  • Request periodic cleaning to prevent permanent staining.

If age or other factors are starting to affect the appearance of your property, Top Line Construction can clean and restore your EIFS, ensuring the integrity of your EIFS system.

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